Companies upgrading the way the world connects

We are growing a family of infrastructure-focused businesses whose combined experience creates a powerhouse greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Mission

To upgrade the way the world connects with next-generation utility construction and infrastructure services.

At Ryker, we take our mission to heart. More than words we say, our mission underscores every action we take for our companies and our communities.


We put the safety of our teams before anything else.


We show up and don’t leave until the job is done.


We’re honest and transparent at every level.


We take pride and never take our responsibilities for granted.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide greater power, capacity, and connection to every place and person.

From the ground up, top down, in everything we do.
We are builders of next-generation utility infrastructure.
We are the facilitators of mutually rewarding relationships and opportunities
We serve our communities, customers, and employees.
We are stewards of doing business with safety, reliability, honor, and integrity.
We conquer storms, heights, depths, and all obstacles.
We’d have it no other way.
We are Ryker.

Company History

Humble Beginnings. Powerful future.

Ryker is a family-owned and operated company built from the ground up. With unwavering values as its foundation and empowering more businesses, individuals and communities as its future.

After working as a tradesman for several years, Benjamin Wilson founded C.A. Advanced, an asphalt sealing and traffic marking company, in June 2007. Based on the strength and learnings of C.A. Advanced, in 2012 Ben partnered with Reuben Eicher on founding ARC American Inc, a union utility construction contractor with a nationwide presence. Headquartered in the modest town of Wakarusa, Indiana, ARC American Inc. became a flagship storm and distribution company and grew rapidly based on strong core values, an active safety culture, a nimble and skilled workforce, while delivering safe, reliable and quality service for every type of utility construction.

In 2022 the companies reorganized under Ryker Holdings LLC, a double breasted organization offering a range of utility construction subsidiary services for both union and non-union entities.

Now, as the full Ryker family, we’re writing the next chapter in our collective history—defining the future of the next-generation utility infrastructure, together.

Our Family of Companies

Arc American

ARC American meets electrical construction needs nationwide, including storm restoration, directional boring, underground and overhead distribution, transmission, and substations.


High Voltage Aviation provides safe, fast, reliable airborne utility services such as transmission construction, storm restoration, and line inspection, energized, retirement and general maintenance.

HVA - P&C/Field Services

Whether it’s a substation, power plant, or industrial facility, HVA-PNC helps make systems consistently efficient, reliable, and compliant.

KNX Utility Services is a Certified WBENC and WOSB transmission and distribution electrical contractor providing clients with superior construction, storm response services, inspection, and repair.

C.A. Advanced Inc builds, repairs and maintains the critical transmission and substation infrastructure that powers homes and communities across the country.

Community Involvement

Energize Communities

We’re passionate about restoring, building, and advancing community in the locations we live and work as well as the utility construction industry we’re proudly a part of.

Investment Opportunities

Investor Relations

Ryker is a growing family of infrastructure-focused companies with both union and non-union subsidiary entity solutions.

Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

Powering communities is important and rewarding work and as Ryker grows so do the career opportunities. It’s the people that make Ryker, and we’re always looking for great talent to work alongside. Ryker has an entrepreneurial culture. If you want to grow, push boundaries, or advance into new disciplines, we’ll partner with you and carve a path. Empowering others starts from within and our employees.

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