Commitment to safety

Safety first. Safety always.

Being a leader in the industry starts by being the strongest advocate for safety, protecting our employees and communities. No matter what.

We don’t compromise when it comes to safety.

The places our people show up can be unpredictable, which means our commitment to safety must exceed the normal standard. We support our companies based on their unique specialty, setting the tone of safety from the top and assuring that whatever our people need to perform safely, they’ve got.

Taking care of business starts by caring for our team.

Safety is woven into the fabric of every Ryker company. We focus on each person by making sure they are mentally prepared for the day, trained for the task, and fully equipped to perform at their highest potential.

Giving employees a voice.

We encourage open dialogue between field workers and top management.

Pursuing best practices.

We’re consciously and continuously updating our practices to be the best.

Knowing our surroundings.

We always identify the job tasks, potential hazards, and mitigation of the hazards.

Protecting one another.

Safety is a team effort. We all work together, ensuring everyone goes home safely.

Dedicated to community.

We’re changing the way infrastructure is supported, communities are maintained, and people are protected.

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