Line Retirement

Line Retirement

Removal at a remarkable standard.

Our teams deliver the safe, efficient removal of retired lines, towers, poles, conductors, and OPGW. Not only do we handle the complete removal and disposal, we also minimize the environmental footprint, disposing materials in the most eco-friendly way possible—and clearing the way for updated, more modern infrastructure.

Companies that provide this service

Arc American

ARC American meets electrical construction needs nationwide, including storm restoration, directional boring, underground and overhead distribution, transmission, and substations.

KNX Utility Services is a WMBE transmission and distribution electrical contractor providing clients with superior construction, storm response services, inspection, and repair.

C.A. Advanced Inc builds, repairs and maintains the critical transmission and substation infrastructure that powers homes and communities across the country.

Dedicated to Community.

We’re passionate about restoring, building, and advancing community in the locations we live and work as well as the utility construction industry we’re proudly a part of.

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